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Prairiewood Elementary School Staff Directory

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  • All Prairiewood staff can be reached by calling our main office at 815.337.5300.
  • For those teachers who have created a personal webpage, a link to the page is provided in the Webpage column.
Name/Email Position Webpage
Skorburg, Jared Principal  
Cerny, Carol Secretary to the Principal Webpage
Schweder, Kathy Attendance Secretary  
Alcázar, Hugo 2nd Grade Dual Language Webpage
Arnold, Sonia 1st Grade Dual Language Webpage
Bennin, Sandy 3rd Grade Webpage
Beutlich, Michelle Vision Itinerant  
Bigler, Jennifer 5th Grade Dual Language  
Bridges, Steve 5th Grade Webpage
Brohammer, Dawn Associate  
Bronge-Nolan, Katherine Food Services  
Bruns, Jeff Head Custodian   
Butenschoen, Gretchen Associate  
Burns, Karen Occupational Therapist  
Campbell, Amanda Bilingual Special Education Resource  
Campos, Marcos Associate  
Carbajal, Graciela Noon Associate  
Carbajal, Rosa Food Services  
Carlson,  Michael Custodian  
Chonos, Mandy Associate  
Connery, Dawneen 4th Grade  
Davis, Amanda Kids Club  
Deering, Courtney 2nd Grade Webpage
Eddy, Linda Food Services  
Evans, Kathryn Associate  
Firak, Dawn Music Webpage
Fischer, Brenda Associate  
Frisbie, Marti Literacy/Technology Coach Webpage
Fritz, Lindsey Life Skills  
Fulcher, Cara Orchestra  
Giles, Robert Custodian  
Girard, John 5th Grade Webpage
Gray, Shawna Associate  
Grisolia, Brenda Food Services  
Gustis, Mike DARE Officer  
Halberstadt, Alyson Band  
Hermansson, Kristina Instructional Enrichment Coach  
Hopkinson, Matt Adaptive Physical Education  
Jacobson, Tracy Instructional Enrichment Coach  
Jones, Charles Art Webpage
Jones, Mark 3rd Grade Webpage
Joslyn, Julie Physical Education Webpage
Kerley, Bethany 3rd Grade Dual Language  
Klabunde, Elyse Associate  
Lightcap, Tracy Associate  
Malecke, Jen 4th Grade Dual Language Webpage
Mancera, Susan 5th Grade Dual Language Webpage
Manke, Melissa Nurse  
Mazarron, Nuria 4th Grade Dual Language  
Mellinger, Cindy Associate  
Mendez, Claudia Speech/Language Pathologist  
Mertz, Gaby Associate  
Muschong, Kim Physical Therapist  
Nieto, Steve Custodian  
Oakley, Roberta Associate  
O'Brien, Justine 2nd Grade Dual Language  
Olesen, Linda Associate  
Owcarz, Connie Associate  
Pacana, Julianne Life Skills  
Pajich, Stacy Food Services  
Palek, Tom Custodian  
Pedersen, Susan Vision Itinerant  
Plumb, Marci Psychologist  
Pool, Danielle 1st Grade  
Porrovecchio, Nora Occupational Therapist  
Postigo, Eliana 3rd Grade Dual Language Webpage
Quinn, Danielle 4th Grade  
Ritter, Jen Associate  
Rosio, Kristin Associate  
Schnulle, Carol Hearing Itinerant  
Scholinsky, Sarah Life Skills Webpage
Schwarz, Linda Speech/Language Pathologist  
Sender, Carol Noon Associate  
Shaffer, Amanda 1st Grade  
Sigwalt, Mary LD Resource  
Spring, Stacy Life Skills Nurse  
Stinger, Tammy Food Services  
Stoxen, Ashley Library Media Specialist Webpage
Stumpff, Suzanne Associate  
Sund, Kathy Physical Therapy Assistant Webpage
Sutherland, Fran Food Services  
Sweet, Lori Associate  
Thompson, Allison 1st Grade  
Thurow, Kristin Social Worker  
Tevino, Angela Associate  
Trebes, Kelli Speech/Language Pathologist  
VandeWalker, Kim Noon Associate & Kids Club  
Vilchis, Cynthia Associate  
Wedoff, Gary Custodian  
Wilson, Dave Custodian  
Wilson, Patricia Food Services - Cafeteria Manager  
Winterton, Laura LD Resource  
Wollpert, Jennifer Social Worker  







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