Prairiewood Elementary

Stomp Out Hate! Students Work Together to Create a Better World

Students at Prairiewood Elementary School and Creekside Middle School will join together on Thursday, May 25th to help “Stomp Out Hate.” This all-school event for both schools encourages everyone to stop negative behaviors and replace them with positive actions.  Students at both schools have created flags, using words and images to display negative behaviors such as racism, name-calling, bullying and cyber-bullying, that they would like to see ended.

In May all students will go outside and finish their flags by making a foot or shoe print on top of the negative behavior, symbolizing the desire to “stomp it out.”  As the students stomp out the negative behavior with paint on their flags, teachers will have an opportunity to talk to the students about what they have done to actually help stop the behavior in their schools and community.

The flags will then by strung on a red, white and blue cord and students will line up on Hercules Road, from Dean Street to the Prairiewood/Creekside campus, and voice their desire to stop negative behavior and encourage good choices and positive actions.

The Stomp Out Hate or “SOH8” logo is displayed below.  The logo will be printed on t-shirts that students may purchase for the event, if desired.  Shirts are available for $7.99 and can be ordered online (see link below).  All orders must be placed online by May 5. 

Please contact Mr. Jeriel McGinness at Creekside ( or Mr. Chuck Jones at Prairiewood ( with any questions.

Links to Order Tshirts:                                                                                      Stomp Out Hate (SOH8) Logo